Brutal & Delikat produces images that captivate people and engage them – in a pleasant and simple way. Images the audience can read and that narrate the life of a space and a place. We tell familiar stories, by keeping the essence and the serenity of a space rather than populating it with stimulant elements that distract or confuse.

To achieve this immersion we believe in lights and shadows that feel natural. An excessive manipulation of the image fundamentals – camera angle, lighting and composition – can easily lead to a cul-de-sac with no solution.

ABOUT ME, Raúl Torres Martín

I am a Spanish Architect graduated from E.T.S.A.Sevilla, SPAIN in 2010. While studying I gained work experience in many architectural offices, participated in, and lead, several national and international competitions. Various grants and exchange scholarships allowed me to study, practice and accomplish workshops in, Mexico City, Budapest, Valencia, La Habana and Larache.

In April 2010 I joined Herzog & de Meuron at the Switzerland headquarters in Basel. As Junior Architect I was initially part of the design teams for several large and medium scale projects in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and South America.

After two years I specialized in 3D modelling and images within the Digital Technologies department, allowing me to develop the eye and skill set of a visual artist. Combing digital technologies and a solid experience as an architect I helped teams deliver outstanding presentations in the most critical phase of their projects. The trustful collaboration with H&dM project teams from across the world allowed me to relocate to London for one year and a half, where I gained experience in a UK environment.

After more than 5 years of experience with Herzog & de Meuron I was ready to develop my own path in image making. Founding Brutal & Delikat is a long standing dream that allows me to explore my own style, take my passion a step further and work with many architectural offices around the world.

BRUTAL & Delikat


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